hypothetical: Forced to cut the world population by over half, how do you choose?


Imagine we’re in the future. The Earth is about to be destroyed.

Luckily, we’ve discovered another habitable planet that’s like Earth in every way. All the same natural resources. Advanced teams have already pre-built all the same stuff we have here. The only problem: it’s less than half the size.

Before we send people to the new planet, we have to decide who gets to go. We can’t take everyone. We can’t just try to squeeze into less space. 2 out of 3 people have to be left behind.

You and your friends have been chosen to create a 5 question test to select who goes and who stays behind. (This will be distributed and administered by all local governments around the world). As a perk for creating the test, all your friends and family get to go automatically (if you want them to), so if one of the questions would normally eliminate them, they still get to go.

What 5 questions would you use to choose who gets to live on the new planet and shape the future of humanity?

(hat tip to my buddy Alex for this one)