Given ultimate power, what two things would you make instantly illegal?

Guilty of smug wall-leaning, and cliche prison posing, respectively.

So many dangerous things, wrong-but-technically-legal things, democracy-corrupting things, totally-unfair-to-all-but-a-few things, should-have-been-decided-for-good-a-long-time-ago things go on in this world every day. There oughta be a law.

If you were given ultimate global power to make two things illegal what would you choose?

If you prefer, these can apply in certain places, at certain times, for certain people, etc. with good reason.

They can’t compel people to do things that are already illegal. They would override existing rights/laws as applicable.

They’re not wishes, but they are instantly, easily enforced to the point where the illegal things stop right away. The idea isn’t to punish and imprison people, just fix problems.